2018 Peugeot 3008 review: First look! | CarAdvice


For this reviewer, at least, the 3008 sets the benchmark in this segment. Sure, if you’re thinking about it as a cold logical decision, it’s probably not the best value for money, nor is it likely to have the best resale, or stack up in terms of longevity against the traditional Japanese players. But the 3008 is also the type of car you actually want to drive. It’s not just an appliance. It’s not a Toyota. It has enormous emotional appeal, both inside and out, and through our 10 hours and more than 1000km behind the wheel, we noticed its ultra-modern European styling and badge turned plenty of heads. When you see a new 3008 from the outside, it has an immediate visual impact. It’s a very busy design with a lot going on, both at the front and rear. But, unlike the folks who work

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